Friday, September 26, 2008

Steps forward

The inspection as an ICE went well, and the car is registered and on the road since September 12th.

My wiring diagram is in progress, it will be periodically updated here.
This is a snapshot as of today:

The motor has arrived at REV Consultants, where it will stay until the conversion.
The adapter, contactor and inertia switch have arrived.
The controller is late -- production delays at Logisystems.
The fuse and precharge resistor will be shipped with the controller.
To be ordered:
- Breaker (Hienamann)
- Chargers (Dixon)
- Gauges and shunts (ElectoAuto or KTA)
- RPM gauge and sensor (Equus/CanTire)
To be sourced/supplied by REV:
- Wiring Lugs / connectors
- Dashboard indicators
- Start relay
- Charger interlock
- Battery boxes / insulation / heating
- Ceramic Heating element
- Spaceheater / Timer
- Ventilation

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Anonymous said...

Nice car and your doing a good job. Have enjoyed reading your blog. thanks Ralph