Monday, September 1, 2008

Parts, parts and more parts

The purchases have begun.

1. The motor (Warp9) has been ordered from Richard at REV Consultants.

2. The controller (Logisystems 1000Amp, 144-156VDC) from EvSource, along with the fuse, fuseholder, and precharge resistor.

3. The VW motor adapter (CanEV), main contractor (Kilovac EV200) and inertia disconnect switch will be ordered from CanEV -- as soon as I can get them on the phone: its a busy summer for EV supply houses.

4. The various parts for the Ghia are on their way from Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration.

I am trying to source a cheap DC breaker (Airpax JLE series, probably) in Montreal, but no luck so far. It is likely to come from KTA-Services along with a few other odds and ends (potbox, shunts, rpm sensors); they have very attractive prices.

The intrumentation is a bit of a challenge, I'm pretty sure I've settled on wanting motor amps, motor RPM, pack amps and pack voltage front and centre. But adding four gauges to the dash seems a bit much.
WesTach has some very nice combo gauges:

Which would be way less cluttered than individual gauges:

So I'll try to contact WesTach this week to get a that moving. Individual volt and amp guages are about 58$ a piece from WesTach/ElectroAuto, and the lowest price tach I've found is from Equus being 63$; so the instrument cluster will cost easily 250$.

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