Sunday, August 10, 2008

The SAAQ inspection as an ICE

So the idea was to get it inspected and approved as an ICE before converting it to electric. Burocracy being what it is, I want to tilt the odds in my favour and avoid having to jump through non-EV related hoops when I try to put this thing on the road in a few months.
So off I went last Monday for my inspection at the SAAQ. Bright and early, first appointment of the day. I took the first appointment incase I had to do some running around for parts, repairs, etc. during my one-day-pass for the purpose of inspecting and repairing the vehicle. As it turns out, it was a good choice.

The car didn't pass. Outstanding issues:
- The rear-view mirror fell off when I adjusted it on my way to the inspection...
- The running lights didn't work in front
- The head lights, not alligned and no high beams
- The rubber pads on the brake and clutch pedals were too worn
- The back seat does not stay upright, it needs the retaining strap
- The wipers don't run in low and don't park themselves when turned off

So I spent a few mornings this week getting some of these cleared up.
- The rear-view is now back up, but there is no way it will pass, a new one will be ordered.
- Replaced all the fuses which solved the running lights issue.
- The relay which latches the lights to high or low does not work, one has been ordered. The bulbs themselves are OK. I haven't aligned them yet.
- The brake and clutch pedal-pads have been ordered.
- Bought a few different latches for the back seat, haven't gotten around to trying any yet.
- Wipers are still an issue. I hope to get some feedback from "TheSamba" forums (a great resource for VWs).

Some other issues I plan to address:
- Install the correct 'window scraper' on the drivers side.
- Change out all the rubber seals on the doors and windows
- Fix the dings in the front windshield before they turn into cracks.