Sunday, November 23, 2008

Battery Racks

Richard has been working on the battery racks, and reinforcing the rear motor compartment.

This is a view of the rear battery racks:

You can see the new plates which come down from the firewall, and along either side, this will has some rigidity to the rear bumper and boxes. There will be three batteries on either side of the engine. You can also see that the rear apron has been welded back on, the trunk latch, however, still needs to be relocated.

Here we see the front battery racks:

That battery is simply a group-31 sized test box used to validate the fit: 2lbs instead of 70lbs! There will be two batteries at the top, and four across the bottom. This front compartment will also be home to one charger, the DC/DC converter, 12V accessory battery, and the heater relays. The spare tire will have to be relocated.