Sunday, September 7, 2008

Second try at inspection

Last week, the Ghia parts made their way here.

Of the remaining outstanding issues, these are solved:
- The new mirror is installed.
- The new relay for the high beams was installed a few weeks ago.
- The headlights have been aligned.
- The new brake and clutch pedal pads are in place.
- The electric windshield washer pump/reservoir is in place and working; though it will be relocated when the batteries invade the front trunk.
- The wiper issues have been fixed.

One last inspection issue remains:
- The back seat fastening clip needs a bit more work, and the existing (replacement) ledge under the rear window needs to be notched out to accommodate the clip. This should be a test of my reupholstering "skills" -- I hope I don't make too much of a mess of it!

So it looks like I'll be back at the inspection centre some time this week.

Once I have proper plates, I'll get the window cracks fixed and an estimate for the door seals and seat upholstery (seems like more work than I'll make time for).

I also want to go see a local suspension place to see about beefing up the suspension. The rear should be easy: just crank the adjustment screws. The front is a bit of another game: it involves the installation of Avis adjusters. The entire suspension needs to be dropped, taken apart, fitted with an adjustment device, put back together and tuned for ride height then alligned. New shocks are probably called for front and back, too.

The other mechanical improvements will include the replacement of the front/back wheel bearings and perhaps the rear drive axles. The transmission fluid (the only one left apart from windshield washer), will be changed to a light synthetic.

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