Sunday, March 29, 2009

One year later: 500km driven.

Last night, my wife Cindy and I celebrated one year since we kicked off this project: during Earth Hour, 2008. I've been commuting for a few weeks, and we've done some errands around town. So far, its been driven just over 500km, so I guess that's our first tank of gas saved.

An objective for 2009 will be to get a local EV club going. More on that later.

I've had a chance since the inspection to work on a few of the outstanding issues:

- I've wired the two front, amber, marker lights into the 'on' circuit instead of the regular marker-light circuit. These will meet the need for daytime running lights. Though I am still thinking of adding on some white LED strips in the front vent holes.
- I dropped by a salvage yard and picked up a rear-dash-mounted 3rd brake light. I've also found the correct connectors to wire it in to, so all that remains is to run the wire and affix the light.
- I had a look at the parking brake assembly and have found a good spot to mount a momentary switch which will light the brake waring light. I still have to analyse the brake warning light system to ensure I can wire into it. I will have to add a relay to reverse the logic of the switch and only light up the light when the switch is not pressed. Perhaps I'll try to find a more industrial switch with both normally-open and normally-closed contacts...
- I've fixed the left side high-beam, it was a wiring mistake which squeaked past inspection last time.
- The right sealed-beam unit is still wobbly because its missing the top mounting screw. The car has been rebuilt with fibre/putty just above the right beam (by the previous owner), and the mount is no longer there. I will have to screw/epoxy a new mount into the beam socket -- creativity may be required...
- Seals around electrical ducting: still looking for some appropriate scrap foam for this. I've come across a bunch at work in the past, but can't seem to put my hands on any these days. I might have to swing by the home renovation store and actually pick some up.


SteveIngold said...

at 500km/year what's your ROI? Hehe.
Awesome job Nick! You've inspired me, when my Focus dies on me for good, I'm gonna attempt a conversion too :D (assuming it's my engine that dies and not something I actually need after the conversion, lol).
Happy Earth Hour!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick.

Glad to hear that it's finally on the road !

As far as creating an EV club here, I am willing to help. In fact: I'd like to help. I am planning on getting myself a set of wheels in the near future and I'd like it to be electric.

Ask your sister for my phone number (or email), or else, tell her to give me yours. Anything will work for me.

Congratz again !

Anonymous said...

Sorry for double posting. I forgot to sign my name.